Gifts beyond measure

How was the holiday?  Did you get what you wanted?  Did you get anything you liked at all?  I and my family do not exchange, haven’t for many years, it’s about being together for us…so imagine my surprise at a card from my oldest.  I share this with you because I have immense pride in my children, and something like this is vindication of sorts that on days when I’m not sure they get it….they do.  A hand-made card that said everything that we as parents hope to hear.  I hope your holiday was as special…

“Blessed Yule Mom & Papa

I know I say,
‘Don’t be mad’,
‘Let me tell you the WHOLE story first’, and
‘I can’t tell you’ alot. 

I know you say,

‘Knock it off’,
‘Straighten up’, and
‘You’re better than this’ alot too. 

For all of these, and the skinned knees, and the early morning drives to the poolhouse, the  trouble with boys, the broken hearts, and the breaking up fights with my sister, Thank you.  Thank you for unconditional love and for believing in me when I mess up.  I know you have my back and love me no matter what. Because of you I know I can do anything.”

Yupp.  I’m teary all over again transcribing it.  I hope you all know and realize that everything we do or don’t do has an impact.  Mostly, I hope you know that the most important THINGS, aren’t things….they are gifts beyond measure. 
I hope your holiday was amazing and your New Year is doubly that.



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2 responses to “Gifts beyond measure

  1. Wow. Abyrne, I think you received the best gift you ever could have received. You are one very lucky person – and you have an amazing child! God bless you both.

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