Writing in the dark…

Am I the only one out there who went to bed, and then had to get back up and sit at the desk to write because the words just would not stop?  It was an odd phenomena.  Completely new.  Ultimately trivial…and thus my cuppa Joe has been refilled more often today than any other in recent history. 

Sure, I’ve had nights where the notepad by the pillow got a few scratches with ideas that were bouncing about.  I have never however, had a scene set on repeat in my head running end to end over and over again until I scratched the whole of it out on paper.  The mind on a roll is a curious thing.  I also sat debating how exactly I tell my mother that I’m never going to use the degree I so purposefully pursued and accumulated a land mass of debt to have, because when I find the right path to a writing career, I’m on it and never looking back. 

Sitting in the lone lamp I then remembered the electric bill was due, so I logged on to pay that.  Paying that brought the insurance renewal to the top of the stack and so I started reading that.  Good lords;a distraction for a simple three page scene took me on a cross-country journey. 

At the end of it all, I’m sitting here today wondering why I’m so tired, when getting the words to paper was all I needed to do.  I guess maybe I should have stopped there.  But then again, I’m not sure that I could have stopped the freight train without derailing the whole of everything.  Anyone else do the re-route and ramble?



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4 responses to “Writing in the dark…

  1. Colleen Rose

    get in the sheets, plump pillows, ear buds in place, smooth sheets and THEN.. the words come. get up before the thought is forgotten, write, write, write, off the light, back to bed… just to do it all again.

  2. I love it when scenes come to me like that. This is a blessing, Abyrne. So many writers deal with writers block, hour after hour agonizing over a scene, a page, a sentence, a word. When it comes to you during the night and you must get up to write it – that’s when you know you are hitting your stride.

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