I’m frustrated.  And confused.  My daughter was nominated for Homecoming court, but her name did not appear on the ballot because she was deemed academically ineligible.  The minimum requirement was a 2.5 GPA.  As this term doesn’t have enough time to be a valid impression, they used last years final term.  When she finished last year with 2-A’s, 3-B’s and 1-C, does that not make 2.5?  I think it makes MORE than 2.5 but that’s my math. 

I am frustrated by this system that seems to have denied her a spot on the court and the Homecoming Princess title had she been elected by her peers.  Not that the court is everything, but the validation from peers has significantly longer ‘hang time’ than that of a parent.  In today’s climate, it seems that peers have more ability to impress or deflate and I am frustrated and the opportunity lost.

I am in contact with the person who validated the grades, but at this point what’s done is done.  My daughter has said it’s okay and doesn’t matter, but I watched her face fall when she said she wasn’t on the ballot.  Am I a fanatic for wanting the apology to her for being unfairly removed?



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4 responses to “Frustration

  1. Shirlene

    No, you are a loving parent who wants their daughter to enjoy her high school experience. Having raised three kids as well as being a high school teacher, I’m sorry to say things like this do happen, I’ve seen it many times. You and your daughter deserve an explanation and an apology. Somebody has messed up here and it was neither of you!

    • Thanks Shirlene. If I don’t advocate for my child I think no one will. So I’ve gleaned a reputation for a hard ass to deal with, but I think she’s worth it.

  2. Definitely she’s worth it! And you’re right; if a parent doesn’t advocate for their child, no one will. I don’t think your math is fuzzy at all; it sure looks like she scored higher than 2.5. And even though she says it’s okay, it’s wrong and it needs to be corrected. Please let us know what the outcome is.

    • After multiple phone calls and pissing off an educator because I do not tolerate buck passing, it came to light that she had a 3.56 GPA and was wrongly excluded. I have been assured that a public apology will be made to her and any others who were erroneously excluded as the entire process is now being reviewed. She was mortifiedat the steps I had taken, and then relented. NO. ONE. screws with my girls, that does not change.

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