How we degrade-

Somewhere packed away in the dusty confines of my parents attic I’M SURE the placard I cannot recall all the “If You..” words to is stored.  Something along the, “If you open it, close it.  If you use the last, refill, etc.  I am thinking of this today, not because as Thankful Thursday is again upon us I am somehow grateful for these life lessons, but rather because as Thankful Thursday is upon us, I think I understand better why I feel I must acknowledge my gratitude.
I went this morn to get a contract for a counselor.  I opened the drawer, and there were none.  Going into storage I pulled some more from the package and filled the bin so the next time I needed one it would be were it should be and I would save the 36 steps to claim more.  This afternoon as I ate my lunch, my assistant came in all a dither turning in circles to find something.  When I enquired what she needed,

“We are out of contracts”. 

“When were all those that I had put in the bin this morning used?” 

She stopped. 

“Oh.  When I went to get some yesterday there were none there.”  

“I see.  And thus, knowing there were none, instead of filling them up you left the bin empty for someone else to find vacant and fill, so that they had to scamper to get some just as you were believing you had to do now.  Correct?” 


“You also did not bother to look, but assumed that no one had needed them while you were gone and thus the job had not been accomplished.  Yes?”


How simple a thing to worry about the next person behind you.  To take the few moments to prepare for what may come, even if you are not the immediate benefactor.  I believe this is how we as a society at large are degrading.  We have stopped worrying about each other.  Stopped bothering to prepare for what might come.  And, we have stopped looking for the good in others to do what we could not be bothered to complete.  How amazing the day will be when we stop being surprized that someone else does.

Goddess Bless.



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3 responses to “How we degrade-

  1. What an interesting post, Abyrne! Very thought provoking. I think what we are experiencing now is the consequence of the ME Generation. When each of us realizes we are an integral part of a whole, things will change.

    • I would agree with that. Where I would stutter-step is the notion that we will have that wake up, smell the roses, and realize that it’s fertilizer not flowers anytime soon.

  2. hmmmm, really interesting

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