Turn the page

Sitting back this morn reading blogs and such I am struck by the continuity of the writing community.  Most anywhere you look you can see the rules or guidelines for better writing, and guess what?  They are all essentially saying the same thing…
Write daily.  Keep goals and deadlines.  Don’t get bungled under by procrastination, push through when you aren’t motivated to make it happen.  READ.  Work with others to get better.  Add to your skill set.  Find your voice.  And…Write. Write. Write.  (In my mind there is a ‘On Wisconsin’ type song waiting to have these words cleverly adapted to make it a writer’s fight song, but I digress.) 

In the last how many hundreds of years that we have endeavored to put thought to page and pen to paper the rules have truly not changed.   How many of us can say that about our nine to five or about any other professional endeavor we’ve undertaken?  So few, I can’t come up with any myself.  While the genre’s and fads come and go, there is a core truth to this honorable if elusive choice to try.  You have to keep going to get better, and you have to keep going to get there.

The ultimate goal of publication is the reward for enduring the journey.  The prize at the end of the set backs.  There will always be, as there have always been detours and temptations to say “I can’t.”  The pinnacle of success as a writer for some may be the Best Sellers list, but for this writer, it’s putting one foot in front of the other.  Doing better today than I managed yesterday, and at the end of it all saying “I did it.”  Another three little words of profound significance. 

I wish you three little words.



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2 responses to “Turn the page

  1. Very thought-provoking post this morning, Abyrne! I used to teach writing classes and I compared writing to children going to school or adults going to their workplace. They didn’t always want to do it. But once the children reached their classrooms and the adults reached their offices and the hours moved past, things got done. Just as you said above, you don’t write when you feel like it, write when the inspiration kicks you, you write if you’re meant to be a writer regardless of what Life throws at you. Great blog, Abyrne. Keep it up! 🙂

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