If today were your last day

If today were your last day where would you fall?  Would you be at the front of the group as the best shining example of all those things you claimed to have guided your life?  Would you fall in the middle of the pack as having tried and succeeded oft, but fallen short from time to time as well?  Would you fall at the back of the group as one who talked a good show and yet didn’t practice that which you preached?  Where would you fall?

If today were your last day and the only day of record where would you fall?   I am saddened to report that today I let someone get the better of me.  I could say that it is because I’ve been under the weather.  I could say that it’s because as a monday morn I’m inundated with things from 2 days of folks doing what they will and now it has to be cleaned up, but in the end it was just me.  I let someone else trip my trigger and push a button that any other day of the week I’d have let be, and just told myself that I can’t educate those who are not willing to see.  But, not today. 

Today I spouted off and got in their face about their lack of knowledge and that they should not believe everything Hollywood shoves down their throat.  Today, I told someone if they weren’t willing to walk in another mans shoes and take the time to learn what they were rallying against that they should keep their mouth shut.  Some folks would applaud that comment, and a part of me is proud of it.  There is a significant difference between approve and refute, between acceptance and being walked on.  Today, I was not able to stand and say nothing.

Now you may be wondering what the heck this is all about.  *chuckles*  You see my dear friends, professionally speaking I am a Sexton.  A Sexton being an OLLLLD title or term for the carekeeper of a cemetery.  Caretaker of the dead if you will.  I take this responsibility very seriously and as a higher calling of sorts to create a space for those left behind to come and be comforted, to ease the burden of loss for the grieving, and to provide a quiet place for the dead. 

I am also a Pagan.  Over the weekend a family evidently took great offense at a star on a cemetery monument and elected burial in another area because it was a ‘pentagram’ and that was bad.  Initially, I let this go.  When the groundsman retelling the story, added his 2 pennies to state that THAT symbol is for “devil worshippers”, I lost it.  I held up my hand and proudly displayed the pentacle/pentagraph that I wear everyday.  I explained the symbolism of it and, I am most aggrieved to say, nearly imprinted my Pentagram ring in his face when he looked me square in the eye and said, “devil worshipper”.

Now, I do not normally proselytize my faith, just as most Pagans do not.  We firmly believe that when you are meant to find, learn, or walk the path the God and Goddess will make the way known to you.  Some never do.  We are resolute to this belief.  Normally, I do not tout my beliefs nor do I condemn others for theirs.  It is not my place to educate someone who has not yet opened their hearts, minds, and eyes to the reality of what I believe.  That is for them, and for the Gods.  My responsibility is to live the example of how we would wish to be seen.  To spread that message in how I act and react.  Today I fell dramatically short.

Today, I therefore HOPE that the days that come will allow me to do better.  I hope that those who elect to rally against one such as me will stop to understand and know the facts before they elect to open their mouths and speak against a peaceful, cooperative, group of people who seek predominantly to coexist with others for the betterment of us all.  Today, I hope for the opportunity to be better than I have been and that the harsh heart I carried this morning will find a way to let go the negative energy and create something positive from the experience.  Today I hope that the accounting is for more than my morning, as I was less than my best.

If today were your last day and the only day that would count in the accounting of your life, where would you land?

Many blessings on us all and better tomorrows.



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9 responses to “If today were your last day

  1. hrhcody

    Thank you for this post. It came at a time when, like you, I was falling short of where I aspire to be on a daily basis. This, along with a picture that read, “Be the person your dog thinks you are.” crossed my desk, just as I was about to fly high and to the right, and caused me to take a breath, and let it go.

    I hope you feel better soon! I KNOW you will have plenty of opportunities to “make it up.”

  2. Incorrigible Lass

    But, you see, sometimes saying nothing is just as bad. Then you are letting the misconceptions of others continue. There is nothing wrong with giving someone the facts they are missing. Only in the way you do it. And by not putting an imprint of your ring on this person’s face I think you did just fine. The problem lies with those who are narrow-minded, who think their way is the only way, and do not or do not want to try and understand or appreciate the beauty in different ways. That’s just my opinion. I think you’l be right up there in front, but if not, you can keep me company back here.

    • *chuckles* you are too kind. I hope to make it to the middle ground at the end of my days. I’ve made too many mistakes to be at the front, but thank you for saying so.

      • Incorrigible Lass

        Mistakes? Well haven’t we all. If the mistakes we’ve made in the past are the criteria then we are all doomed. Doomed I say. Thankfully I don’t believe the mistakes in the past will hold you back unless you have not learned from them and you keep on making them. . . Live and Love and Learn and Grow and Forgive then Live and Love and Learn some more. . .

      • I do hope you are right.

  3. daughterofmothermoon

    People often vilify what they do not know or understand. None can claim to have not lost their cool at one time or another. Some do it as par for course. You defended yourself against a slanderous remark, lodged, not only against you but against your beliefs. It may not have been in the way you would have preferred, but I am sure you gave him plenty to think about. As a groundskeeper, it was not his place to judge the beliefs of those who have gone before us….it was to tend to their final resting place.
    Do not beat yourself up too much, I, for one, believe you are closer to the front than you think.

    Brightest Blessings

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