Tuesday starts with “T”. So does Think. What are you thinking today?

Ever hear something and have to stop?  It somehow is dynamically the “it” statement of the day, the one that redirects the course?  Here was my ‘wait, what?’ statement heard this morning…

Better to have a mind open to wonder, than one closed by belief.


what do you think?



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5 responses to “Tuesday starts with “T”. So does Think. What are you thinking today?

  1. Something I read on Twitter this morning: “I hate it when my assistant knocks on the door when I’m in the bathroom. Obviously if I’m in the bathroom with the door closed, I’m doing something important. Like tweeting.”

  2. If you have no core foundation/belief system, you can’t stand on your own. Therefore, your “open mind” will cause you to change every time you are exposed to wonder. That’s a lot of changes in a lifetime that induces a lot of fallacies and contradictions. A person with a strong belief system can entertain an open mind and be unlimited by the wonders without losing self. Remember, a house/person divided can’t stand.

  3. Incorrigible Lass

    I believe you like to get into people’s heads and make them think. . . that is what I believe. Since reading this earlier in the afternoon it’s been rolling round in my mind. . . at the grocery store, cooking dinner, etc. Can a person not have both? I have my beliefs, but I wonder what others believe. I have my thoughts, but I wonder what others are thinking. I believe that just because I believe one thing and someone else may believe another doesn’t make me or them right or wrong. Just different. And I wonder why others do not see that?

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