Monday labor

Life with teenagers is never boring.  In fact, it’s usually a mile-a-minute roller coaster ride thru a world that should be familiar, but the landscape is completely redone and confusing.  Thank gods for those same teenagers and their ability to adapt and change rapid-fire or we might all be lost.  😉  There are however, some things that are abosultely universal truths.  Things that time cannot change.  A changing world cannot erase or make other.  Today was one such day. 

When my oldest was a young child, words were reorganized to new meanings…Pickles were hicups, swimming pools were bathtubs, and parades were mermaids.  My oh my how things have changed.  Today was her first ‘mermaid’ as a participant.  The cool, calm, collected, can’t be bothered with the parental units child…while marching along didn’t see us on the side at first, but the moment of recognition was err-aparant.  She stood a bit taller, her horn popped up to proper position and instead of goofing with the others on either side, she put a focused face on and went by every bit looking the part. 

It was only a mile and a half, but it was 90+ degrees and they were in black full uniforms, it would have been completely understandable the last bit to be slumped.  They looked miserable, but for that couple minutes walking past, she could not have made me more proud.

Watching children grow is kind of like writing..  You start out without a clue how to make it come around to something great, you spend time learning the ropes and making mistakes, and then you turn it loose on the world and hope that it is everything you believe it to be.  Today I leared that I’ve done something right along the way.  I’ve learned that my children are amazing and that gives me immense hope for my written words down the road.  Thanks made my day.



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2 responses to “Monday labor

  1. I love this post. Time goes by so quickly that often we forget to stop and savor every moment. How beautiful it is that you remember the names she had for things when she was small… And how beautiful and poised she has become. Congratulations, Abyrne. I’d say a job well done!

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