Thursdays are for Thankfulness

This world is full of amazing people and yet with casual observation you would find that many have fallen victim to the apathy of expectation, forgetting the simple manners our mothers not only taught but insisted upon.  A look at today’s youth would demonstrate that it has moved beyond the simple apathy stage to one where we are no longer teaching it.  Gratitude is a rare animal on the endangered species list. 

The web and the waves are full of examples of bullying and abuse, but far more elusive are the examples of positive reinforcement and genuine thanks being given.  Adults are victimized by youth and it hits Youtube.  The notion of being loud-mouthed and billigerant are the stuff of the after school tele now.  No longer values and morals, but renegade youth rewarded for bad behavior with publicity.  We have children who are intimidated to go to gym because the risk of exposure thru phone camera documentation is at an all time high.  How do we combat any and all of this?  We need to step back off the information super highway and get back into our own business and back yard.  Teach gratitude, teach manners, teach kindness and compassion, but also teach repurcussions.  Life is about balance and we cannot regain it until we stop looking at someone else falling where we ourselves have been.

Where will you begin?  Do you appreciate the people around you?  Do they know it?  How do you show them that appreciation of effort is more than a special holiday or hallmark occasion?  Until we can return to the notion of being neighbors and our brothers keeper, we have no one to blame but ourselves for the downward decline.  The geo-political climate is a reflection on the small scale happenings.  They are not the solution.  We are.  Being heard when we are wronged is not what I am advocating against.  It’s being heard when someone else is right. 

I’ll put away my soapbox for now.  😉


Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.  ~G.B. Stern


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